Seniors - FAQs

Why in Summer time?
Most yearbook deadlines are within the first several weeks after school starts. The start of school is such a busy time with fall sports.

Why are prices more expensive than K to 11 photographs?
Underclass photographs are pre-paid and a large class is photographed in few hours. Only one pose is taken. Seniors are taken by appointment over several weeks and have the option of selecting from several poses for a yearbook image.

Does it cost to have my yearbook photo taken?
Yes a minimum $10.00. The senior program consists of personalized appointment mailings, online rescheduling, onsite photography, online posting and ordering along with mailing of proof books. Unfortunately the level of this service doesn’t allow us to do it free of charge. If you are unable to pay this fee we do offer a free yearbook only shot on the last chance day at your school.

Do you offer refunds once an order is placed?
No. Not on senior photographs. You place an order from a proof in the privacy of your home without salesmanship. Once we produce your order we can’t sell it to anyone else. We will resolve any issues with order not matching the proof.

How long does it take?
Usually 2 weeks, but orders with retouching or personalized products can run a little longer. We do rush orders for the holidays.

How do I choose my yearbook pose?
Once in your personal gallery click on the image you wish and under the image select “make this my yearbook pose.”

If I’m not able to make an appointment in the summer, will you be back at my school?
Yes we make one last chance trip to each school in the fall. The school controls the scheduling of this and we might only be at the school for an hour so don’t miss this opportunity.

What is my deadline on ordering?
We keep all images online for over a year. To receive the session discount, we must receive your order within 2 weeks from after you receive the proof.

What should I wear?
While this is personal choice here are some ideas. Jewel solid colors look good, such as Emerald green, Ruby red, Amethyst purple, Sapphire blue. Stay away from sold white and sleeveless.

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